Colombian Matrimony Customs

People are passionate and full of life, and this is evident in their marriages. They are therefore a really classic nation when it comes to their wedding rituals and customs. It’s crucial to be familiar with Cuban customs if you’re a tourist getting married to one so you can evade any surprises down the road.

Colombia’s traditions is steeped in church, consequently countless Colombian bride ceremonies take place in a cathedral. Following the ceremony, loud fireworks are lit to mark the newlyweds’ union. The couple then proceedes to the reception, which may take place in any setting, including a room or the land. It’s a great way to commemorate the bride and groom ‘ adore because there is typically lots to eat, listen to music, and dance.

The wedding is frequently presented with 13 unity cash, or Arras, according to custom. These coins show the vicar’s dedication to providing for his novel wife. The bride receives the pennies after the pastor blesses them during the ceremony. The pennies are next returned to her husband, representing fairness and their shared responsibility for one another’s well-being.

The couple then proceedes to the reception, where their godparents ( padrinos ) and grandparents usually welcome them. Because they are so tight to their people, padrinos are crucial to a toddler’s well-being by serving as their minute parent and offering guidance. Additionally, the few may receive presents from their visitors, which could range from a container of refreshing berries to an original knife and fork.

A guayabera, a classic white shirt worn with matching brown pants, will be worn by the majority of the people attending the wedding. People typically dress in this manner, and it is typically worn at official activities. Women, on the other hand, may wear a range of different designs based on their preferences and means of subsistence.

It’s time to turn up the party after the formal portion of the reception. The dance floor will open up during this time, and friends may dress in masks and scarves for a night of fast-paced Italian audio. This is also referred to as La Hora Loca or the outrageous hour, and it’s a joy way to wrap up the night. Anyone will assemble once more the following morning to collect more food and to wish the new couple also. Asado, a traditional Colombian dish that includes pork, potatoes, and plantains, is typically served with this dinner. Family individuals have a lot of opportunities to connect thanks to this traditions, which is very heartwarming.

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